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Bring KidVestors To Your Classroom

Our comprehensive financial education and investing curriculum not only engages students but saves educators time.

Financial LIteracy for Kids

40% Improvement
in Financial Literacy Knowledge When Students Enroll In Kidvestors

We are excited to collaborate and support classrooms, after school programs, schools, and districts to ensure compliance and help students meet their required financial education coursework while saving educators precious time.

Also, we understand the demands on educators, so as your curriculum partner we seamlessly integrate our innovative platform into your existing offerings

In an era where financial decisions play an increasingly crucial role in shaping one's future, the importance of imparting financial literacy to our students cannot be overstated. The KidVestors curriculum is designed to address this need head-on, offering a comprehensive and engaging framework that empowers students to navigate the intricate world of personal finance with confidence and competence. Let's revolutionize financial education together and equip students for a future of success.










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Ensured Compliance

Our culturally relevant curriculum is not only aligned with the National Financial Education Standards according to the Council for Economic Education (CEE) but we exceed these requirements, by also exposing students to investing across multiple asset classes and entrepreneurship.

Our curriculum has been vetted by both certified financial planners and banking executives. We are fortunate to have a team that has taken great lengths to not only ensure that the content is accurate but also engaging.

Culturally Relevant Curriculum

As of today, 35 states are requiring students to take a financial education course to graduate. However, most schools have no clue where to even start.
Not only are we comprehensive, and compliant, but we use culturally relevant content to engage students of all backgrounds.

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financial education for schools

No More Lesson Planning!

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In addition to our interactive platform, we created a thoughtfully designed curriculum that teaches financial literacy for kids and teens and our easy to use lesson plans are a perfect resource for both teachers and facilitators.

Testing and Evaluation

Our students are seeing an impressive 40% improvement in financial literacy! Our platform is able to quantify and assess learning through our automated grading system, freeing up our educators so they can spend more time teaching! 

We improve student outcomes by combining both education and application. We incentivize students to practice what they learn in order to apply in real world scenarios.

financial education for schools

Holistic Finance: Let's Talk Benefits

Improved Financial Literacy

The KidVestors curriculum is meticulously crafted to cover a wide range of financial topics, from budgeting and saving to investing and responsible borrowing. By equipping students with practical knowledge and skills, we enable them to make informed financial decisions both now and in the future.

Enhanced Retention and Engagement

Traditional teaching methods can sometimes struggle to captivate and retain students' attention. KidVestors takes a different approach by integrating interactive activities, diverse characters, story-telling, real-life scenarios, and monetary incentives. This dynamic teaching style not only improves retention but also keeps students engaged and excited to learn about financial matters.


Whether being taught independently or in a group setting, each lesson can be completed within 30 minutes and can be used  as a standalone course, elective, or incorporated into other subjects such as Math, English, or Social Studies. 

Life-Long Impact:

The financial decisions that individuals make early in life can have profound consequences for their financial well-being. By introducing students to financial literacy through KidVestors, we're not just preparing them for the present, but setting them on a path towards a more secure and prosperous future.

Designed with your classroom in mind, teaching financial education to students has never been easier!

Financial literacy course for kids
Financial literacy course for kids
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