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KidVestors Founders

Meet The

Darius & Courtney Pettway

Our Story

We have first hand experience of knowing what it feels like to not know how to navigate the real world. 

Like many others, our first few years of "adulthood" (because you know everything at 18 right?) was spent making a countless number of expensive financial mistakes. And unfortunately, some of those mistakes took years to pay back.

We quickly realized that being financially uneducated is expensive. How much further along could we have been as well as many others had we simply been taught how to manage money by creating a budget, learning the importance of credit, or not borrowing money for things you can't afford? What if we had actually learned how to file taxes, start a business, invest in the stock market, or know the ins and outs of building a real estate portfolio as early as middle school or high school?

Although we may have been late bloomers, we refused to remain a victim to our circumstances. We immersed ourselves into all things financial education which led to us not only investing and starting a real estate investment firm, but we also began freely sharing the exact steps with others on how to do the same in order to improve their situation.

Real Estate Investing for Kids and Teens

Not to mention those in underrepresented and underserved communities feel the most impact by not having access to financial education resources. Whether we like to admit it or not, money affects all aspects of our life. It affects our ability to receive quality healthcare, food options, where you live, or the type of education your child can receive. Knowing how to earn, spend, save, own, and invest are all equally important components of financial literacy.  

By providing our youth quality financial education not only can we help narrow the racial wealth divide, but also improve our students' quality of life and financial future. So we had a lightbulb moment and in our living room, KidVestors was born.


We are firm believers that it is never too early to start exposing kids to the importance of investing, ownership, and financial literacy.​ Join us in our mission to impact and educate youth from marginalized backgrounds so that we can further the prosperity of adults tomorrow. We are truly looking forward to creating more #KidVestors. 

Thanks for joining us in this movement!

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KidVestors Founders
Meet Our Team

Financial education is for everyone.

And we're here to help make sure that happens...



Small Team, Big Vision

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CEO & Co-Founder


COO & Co-Founder


Senior Engineer

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