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  • What ages and grade levels is KidVestors for?
    KidVestors offers resources for K-12th students. However, our resources are beginner friendly so that regardless of age, those unfamiliar with finance and investing can still learn (yes, even adults!) Below are our available resources: KidVestors App (3rd -12th): Visit here Books & Workbooks: View here
  • Which classes do you offer?
    KidVestors offers self-paced courses and materials for PreK -12th grade students. To access our digital curriculum, visit here To access our books, visit here To view the benefits of our material and digital offerings, visit here We currently do not offer in-person classes or workshops.
  • Does KidVestors offer in-person classes?
    We do not currently offer in-person classes so that we may help as many students as possible. We offer an online, digital curriculum via our app here and physical workbooks to facilitate learning at here .
  • Why should I choose KidVestors? How are you different from other financial education products?
    Kidvestors' financial education curriculum offers holistic finance by going beyond the personal financial education requirements developed by the Council for Economic Education. We not only focus on earning, spending, and saving, but we specialize in teaching K-12th students on how to invest across multiple asset classes such as real estate, the stock market, businesses through entrepreneurship , and alternative assets. In addition to our building block approach to finance, we provide interactive games and simulations that allow students to practice what they're learning, animated videos to engage students, and we offer monetary rewards as students reach their milestones. Lastly, with our automated graded assessments and downloadable lesson plans we make it easier for parents and teachers to facilitate our curriculum both at home and in the classroom. For more benefits, visit:
  • What are the benefits?
    We pride ourselves on holistic finance by offering coursework on core areas of finance such as earning, saving, spending, and investing. Also, not only does the KidVestor approach to finance increase engagement and retention in students, our standardized curriculum is also easy to use for teachers, parents, and financial educators. For more benefits, read more here.
  • Where is KidVestors headquartered?
    We are headquartered in the United States. However, our platform is open to ALL students in all countries regardless of their location. Enroll here
  • Does KidVestors replace financial professionals?
    Kidvestors is a complementary tool and is not meant to replaced licensed financial experts such as financial advisors, CPAs, EAs, etc. KidVestors is for educational purposes only and should not be considered as financial or investment advice as we are not able to provide tailored solutions that financial professionals provide, making them irreplaceable for your diverse financial needs and goals.
  • We love the KidVestors brand and products! How can we leave a review?
    We are thrilled that you and your students are enjoying the KidVestors curriculum! We would love to read your testimonial. When you have received your product, you will receive a review request within 2 business days. You can then leave a review by replying directly to the request. You can also contact us here and let us know what you think!
  • Do you have a mobile app?
    Our web app ( ) is designed to be used on a web browser via a Chromebook, Mac, or PC. But no worries! We are working on giving you the best mobile experience in due time. Join our newsletter here if you would like to receive updates on what's next.
  • Is KidVestors aligned with national financial educational standards?
    Absolutely. The KidVestors curriculum actually exceeds the Council For Economic Education Financial Education Standards by also teaching students entrepreneurship and specializing in investing across multiple asset classes.
  • What do I need to get started?
    Each student will need their own unique email address as well as access to a laptop or desktop [Note: students cannot use the same email address as their parents or educators]. Once you have selected your plan and have registered, your students will receive a separate invitation to their email with a unique passcode. They will use their unique passcode for their first log-in then they will be prompted to create a new password. View our short demo on how to register here.
  • Can I implement your e-learning platform into my school?
    Absolutely! Our curriculum goes beyond the national financial education standards and not to mention our sleek interface makes it an easy-to use tool for educators. For more information on how to integrate KidVestors into your school, visit here.
  • What's the cost?
    We offer both semi-annual and annual subscription plans depending on your needs: Individuals Best for parents & educators Annual subscription: up to $99/annually per student (Minimum: 1 student ; maximum 49 students) Semi-annual subscription : up to $64.99/annually per student (Minimum: 1 student ; maximum 49 students) Enterprise (For groups of 50 students or more) Best for schools or large groups - Annual subscription: up to $94.99/annually per student (Minimum: 50 students ; no maximum) View our short demo on how to register here.
  • Can I test the app out before purchasing?
    Absolutely! We have a 7-day free trial option where students can access one lesson (no credit card required)! However, following your free trial, in order for students to continue using the platform you will need to log-in to your administrator account and upgrade.
  • How long can my students access the content?
    You can choose our annual subscription where students will have access to our curriculum for 1 year or semi-annual (6 months). *At this time, we do not offer lifetime access to the material.
  • I live outside of the United States. Can I still use your curriculum and app?
    Of course! You can absolutely utilize our curriculum and e-learning platform regardless of your location. Our curriculum covers essential principles of money management and investing which are universally applicable regardless of your location. We also use a virtual currency (hello, KV Bucks™ !), allowing students to fully engage in our simulations and virtual activities, as well as facilitate cash-outs in their local currency, ensuring seamless participation regardless of geographical constraints.
  • Do you offer training for teachers?
    While an in-person training for teachers is not available, parents and educators are able to access our pre-made lesson plans which are available for each lesson within their portal.
  • Can I track my student's progress?
    Yes. As a parent or educator each subscription comes with your own portal where you can track your student's grades and view their progress. View our short demo here.
  • Can I use this in my classroom?
    Of course! You can stream our videos and lessons on your projector or monitor, use our downloadable lessons plans to facilitate, track class progress, view individual student progress and more! View some more of our features here. *For the ultimate experience, we also suggest that each student have access to a laptop or desktop.
  • How does my student access their cash reward?
    Once your student achieves their first milestone, they will be asked to connect their Paypal account to receive their cash reward. You will also want to visit your settings to make sure KV Bucks are enabled for your registered students.
  • I would like to use KidVestors to teach my next personal finance class? How can I do that?
    We have several options for those who wish to use our material to facilitate their next financial education class, workshop, or seminar: 1. Books: You can use our books and workbooks to teach your next class. Our workbooks come with lesson plans to help educators facilitate discussion. We also offer wholesale options for those interested in purchasing 20 books or more. 2. Group enrollment : You can enroll your student group onto our e-learning platform here . [Note: Each student will need their own email address and access to a computer or laptop to participate]. 3. Licensing: If you would like to use our educational videos during your next personal finance class or workshop, you can license our video content for a set period of time. Did this answer your question? If not, Schedule a call with our team here.
  • Is your technology safe?
    Yes, our technology uses standard security measures to keep all data safe and we are also COPPA and FERPA compliant.
  • Help! I can't log-in!
    Having trouble logging in? Try these steps below: If you are the registrant, visit to log-in using the same username and password that you created during your registration. If you cannot remember your password, select "Forgot Your Password" to reset it. Your student(s) will receive a separate email invitation to access their student portal. If your student does not see the email which includes their log-in instructions, try these steps: Check spam folders. Check all promotional folders. Make sure your inbox isn't full (or you won't be able to receive our e-mails). Make sure you whitelist our email address (so our future communications don't go to spam) If you have followed the above steps and you still don't see an email from KidVestors, submit a ticket to our team at and we will gladly re-send it to you.
  • Help! I don't see my confirmation email!
    No worries! After submitting your purchase be sure to look out for a confirmation email from KidVestors. If you ordered books as well, you will also be notified when your order ships. If you are having trouble locating your confirmation email which includes your download links and receipt, search your inbox for "KidVestors" Still don't see it? Try these steps: Check your spam folders. Check all promotional folders. Make sure your inbox isn't full (or you won't be able to receive our messages). Make sure you whitelist our email address (so our future communications don't go to spam) If you still don't see an email from KidVestors, submit a ticket to our team here and we will gladly re-send it to you.
  • How Do I Upgrade My Free Trial Subscription to a Paid Subscription?
    As a registrant, you can upgrade your subscription anytime by logging into your parent or educator portal then clicking 'Upgrade' in the right-hand corner. Once you log-in and click 'Upgrade', you will be redirected to choose your subscription. Once you have selected your subscription, click Continue. You will see the below screen after clicking upgrade. Once you have entered your payment method, complete your check out then your student will be able to access the additional lessons. If you are still experiencing issues, submit a ticket here.
  • I Need Help Processing My Order
    For the safety and security for our customers, we currently only allow online payments. If you are having trouble checking out or paying online, a few steps we always advise our customers to check first: 1. Check that you have enough available funds on your credit card/debit card to cover your purchase (including tax and shipping costs). 2. Check that your credit card/debit card expiration date has not expired. 3. Check that the zip code being entered as your billing address also matches the zip code on your credit card/debit card banking statement. 4. Occasionally, some banks may deny a transaction if it is your first purchase with KidVestors. You will want to notify the bank that you approve the purchase and attempt the transaction again (you will not be charged twice). 5. Make sure that the debit/credit card is not frozen or disabled for use. If these steps still do not work, please contact us.
  • How can I contact your team?
    You can schedule a call with our team here or shoot us a message and we'll be back in touch soon (typically within 1-2 business days)!
  • How can I be updated when KidVestors launches new educational products?
    You can be one of the first to learn when KidVestors launches new educational resources by signing up for our newsletter.
  • What is your shipping and handling policy?
    STANDARD SHIPPING (U.S ONLY) Please allow up to 48 business hours for your order to be processed. Orders placed on a weekend, holiday, or after 4:30pm EST Monday-Friday will begin being processed on the next business day. Please allow an additional 5-7 business days for your order to ship following processing. All orders are shipped with United States Postal Service (USPS). ​ INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING Please allow up to 48 business hours for your order to be processed.Orders placed on a weekend, holiday, or after 4:30pm EST Monday-Friday will begin being processed on the next business day. Please allow an additional 10-14 business days for your order to ship following processing.​ ​ BULK ORDERS/WHOLESALE/GROUP ENROLLMENT *For bulk orders and group enrollments (50 students or more): Please allow up to 3-5 business days to process bulk orders and group enrollment orders. Bulk orders and group enrollment orders placed on a weekend, holiday, or after 4:30pm EST Monday-Friday will begin being processed on the next business day. Bulk orders Please allow an additional 14-21 business days for your order to ship following processing. All bulk orders will require a signature upon delivery. ​ "What happens if my item is marked delivered, but I have not received it? " Please contact the carrier with your tracking number to locate your package. Frequently ,the carrier may mark the package as delivered when it arrives at the destination warehouse, not the actual delivery address. In most instances the package will then arrive at the actual delivery address within 1 or 2 business days.
  • How can I enroll my group of students, class, or school?
    We'd love to have your student group! Visit here to enroll your group. Still have more questions first? Schedule a call with our team here .
  • How can I request an invoice to submit to my local co-op, charter school, or ESA fund?
    Most co-ops, charter schools, or education savings account funds require parents and guardians to submit an invoice first before approving your use of funds. If your program requires an invoice to enroll your student(s) in KidVestors using ESA funds, please complete our short form here. You will need the following information on hand: 1. First and Last name of the registrant (yourself) 2. Registrant's email address 3. Registrant’s mailing address 4. Registrant’s billing address (if different than the mailing address) 5. Registrant’s phone number 6. Total quantity of students being enrolled 7. Information from each student: - First Name - Last Name - Grade Level - Student’s email address (must have to access the student portal). Once you have completed the form, within 1-2 business days an invoice will be sent to the registrant's email on file which can then be submitted to your local program for approval.
  • Can I add more students to my existing account?
    You can add additional students anytime! You do not have to create a new account to add additional students. If you have the Individual subscription, you can add up to 49 students total. If you have our Enterprise Plan, there is no maximum! Steps: 1. Log-in to your portal 2. Click the "Manage Students" Tab on the left-hand side. 3. Click "Add Students" in the top, right-hand corner. (See below) 4. Enter your student(s) name and email. (Note: students must have access to their own email). 5. Checkout. If you experience any issues, submit a ticket here.
  • My students are different ages. Can I enroll them all at once?
    Yes! Once you select your plan, you will enter your information and your student's information and grade level.
  • Can I register more than 1 student at a time?
    Of course! You can register each student individually or upload a group of students all at once via a CSV file . View our short demo here.
  • I'm a homeschool parent. Can I add the KidVestors resources to my existing educational curriculum?
    Absolutely! As firm believers that education should begin in the home, exposing your kids and teens to the importance of investing and ownership early can be life changing! Click here for your student to learn finance and investing based on your student's grade level. To stay in the know regarding our newly released products and for special discounts, sign up for our newsletter.
  • Can KidVestors join our co-op or charter school network?
    We'd love to serve your students! You can shoot a vendor request over to your school or co-op's vendor relations team. This way, KidVestors can hop on as a resource for all of the awesome students at your school.
  • Do you offer hard cover and soft cover books?
    Yes! We offer both! - You can purchase both options here.
  • How can I place a wholesale order?
    You can request a wholesale order of our KidVestors books at .
  • How can I partner with you and sponsor a school and/or organization?
    We love helping organizations become community heroes! By partnering with KidVestors and sponsoring schools and organizations, K-12 students receive the benefit of FREE financial educational resources. If interested, visit here to learn more. or Do you have more questions first? Schedule a call with our team here.
  • How can I license your content for my next workshop, class, or seminar?
    If you are an organization looking to license KidVestors digital content, you can start by completing our form here and you will be sent an email with the following steps.
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