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Updated: Feb 26

One of the first steps towards independence is learning how to work. But great news, your teen doesn’t necessarily have to hit the pavement and complete hundreds of applications like we once had to.

Thanks to the internet and technology, the world has become our customer. Not to mention social media has allowed business owners to market their services easier than ever. And yes, this includes your teenager. Below are several business ideas that your teen can start for as little as $100.00 (or less).


Does your teenager have a gift of graphic design or web design? They can offer these services independently to other businesses or solopreneurs to help market their services. Depending on their age, they can also work for hire using platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork.


Most teenagers are spending time scrolling on their favorite apps like TikTok or Instagram anyway, so why not get paid for it? They can offer to manage social media pages for businesses and solopreneurs.


According to a recent study, the Global Digital Content Creation Market size is expected to reach US$ 38.2 billion by 2030. As more businesses prioritize digital content creation to drive traffic to their websites and drive revenue, they are looking for more people to create content for their companies. If your teen is creative, they can offer services to create content for various brands using their phone and set their own prices.


While this may not be digital or tech savvy, companies, homeowners, and investors always need their locations cleaned and pressure washed. Your teenager can start by renting a pressure washer and as they earn more income, use their proceeds to eventually buy their own.


As with pressure washing, landscaping is a service that will always be in need. As long as there's grass, it will always need to be cut and trimmed. If you as parent do not own a lawnmower, you can also rent one on their behalf at local hardware stores until your teen earns enough money to buy their own.


Those who are elderly or disabled could always use additional help around their house. Or you may know of a local business that could use some extra help cleaning up before or after hours. Your teenager can start their own cleaning company and offer their services to those who need them.


One of the most common businesses teens are known to start, with very little to no overhead costs, are babysitting or dog sitting. This is another great business to start without necessarily having to purchase any material or equipment to begin.


As your teenager begins to earn money from their new business, not only should they practice paying themselves first by saving, there are several investment accounts you can open on their behalf so they can begin earning compound interest on their income.

It’s important to remember that regardless of which business idea your teen decides to pursue, financial literacy involves knowing how to manage the money that they earn. You can read more here about four ways to teach your child or teen financial literacy.


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